TECHMIND International is a Toronto based boutique recruiting firm that focuses solely on the technology sector. As a boutique firm we are able to concentrate all our attention on one sector which provides us with a heightened awareness of the specific conditions in the IT field.

In addition to our specific IT focus TECHMIND International also recruits primarily in Israel and Europe.  This specific focus on Israel and Europe provides our recruiters with further insight into the cultural and workplace norms in those countries allowing us to ensure a smooth transition into the Canadian workplace.

TECHMIND International provides Canadian companies with top level International IT talent.  In today’s global economy, companies must reach beyond national borders to ensure they obtain top talent and remain competitive.  Typically, Canadian employers recruit candidates within close proximity to their headquarters where competition for top talent is exceptionally high.  This often leaves Canadian companies with a limited number of candidates to choose from. The limited supply of workers also facilitates significant mobility within the market place, often leaving employers stranded with no immediate backup plan.  Why limit yourself to your local region?

Our rigorous selection methodology allows companies to select from the best and the brightest International IT talent from around the world.

Key roles we recruit for include but are not limited to:

  • Game Developer
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Data mining engineers
  • Systems development manager
  • Database Analyst/Developer
  • Database administrator DBA
  • Data Scientist
  • Application Developer
  • Firmware Developer
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Mobile Software Engineer (IPhone/Android)
  • BI Analyst/Report Writer
  • Application Architect
  • AI Programmer
  • Systems Administrator
  • User Experience Designer
  • Application Development Manager
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Hardware circuit board designer
  • Hardware development engineer

TECHMIND International provides an integrated solution, handling the recruitment/placement and labour market impact assessment or provisional nomination process in one convenient package with no additional legal fees. Our clients are only responsible for the advertising charges associated with obtaining an Labour Market Impact Assessment (“LMIA”).  Our team consists of experienced recruiters and in house immigration lawyers, making TECHMIND International a one-stop full service recruitment firm. More candidates, higher qualifications, salary certainty, lower turnover/resignation rates are just some of the advantages offered by TECHMIND International .

We have helped innovative companies in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Quebec secure top international IT talent. Contact us today in order to discuss how our integrated approach to international recruiting can help your company meet its goals.