Are you considering immigrating to Canada?  TECHMIND International offers you a unique opportunity of securing employment before you arrive in Canada with a number of subsequent immigration options available.

With the introduction of the Express Entry program virtually all economic immigration to Canada will be pursuant a valid job offer. TECHMIND International matches top notch technology talent with leading Canadian employers.  We carefully review and evaluate your credentials taking the time to find the right fit. If after our preliminary consultation we determine you are ineligible for a work permit we advise you quickly and without cost.  If we agree to handle your application it is because we believe you are a viable candidate for a work permit.

Our sister company, the law firm of Levine Associates, will  assist with all Canadian  immigration related legal matters, including setting up your profile under the Express Entry program and can process the Canadian Permanent Residency immigration application.

TECHMIND International can also assist with various other “settling in” issues such as applying for the employee’s SIN number, Health coverage, dependent work permits, filing of taxes, etc.


There are a number of specific requirements that we verify before initiating the placement process.  Below we list the most important requirements:

1. Candidates must have a college or university degree in their field of expertise.  A bachelor’s degree or equivalent three or four year completed degree is a minimum requirement.  TECHMIND will not accept candidates without a college or university degree in their field;

2. Candidates must have at least one complete year of work experience in their field;

3. Candidates must have a strong command of oral and written English;

4. Candidates must have no criminal record.

Please refer to the “Our Services” section to learn more about the process.

If you do not meet the following requirements but are interested in immigrating to Canada, kindly contact our sister company, Levine Associates.


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