International recruiting offers a wide pool of candidates allowing us to select and present the most qualified people. TECHMIND International primarily focuses its recruiting in Israel and Europe, which offer some of the strongest technology professionals in the world. We recruit young and dynamic individuals who are eager to take on new challenges.

TECHMIND International offers an integrated approach to international recruiting as our team consists of both experienced IT recruiters and immigration lawyers. We are able to handle both the recruitment process as well as the labour market impact assessment or provincial application work under one roof with no additional legal fees to our clients. Our clients are only responsible for the advertising charges associated with obtaining an Labour Market Impact Assessment (“LMIA”).

Our Methodology

We work with companies like yours to provide top international technology talent. Whether you are seeking to hire an entire team for a new project or a single worker we can accommodate your needs.

One of the many advantages of our international focus is that most international employees come to Canada with the intention of remaining in Canada permanently.  As a result they have a keen interest in workplace security, are well qualified and seriously committed individuals.  As well International professionals bring with them new ideas and approaches that can enhance your workplace.

TECHMIND International takes the time to work with each candidate, utilizing live programming sessions, psychological evaluations and personality tests. We are committed to helping our clients and candidates find the right fit.