TECHMIND International specializes in International IT Recruiting.  International recruiting offers a wider pool of candidates allowing us to select and present the most qualified people locally as well as internationally. TECHMIND International primarily focuses on recruiting in Israel and Europe (including Eastern Europe), which produces some of the strongest technology professionals in the world.  We also focus on young and dynamic individuals who are eager to take on new challenges.

Our team consists of experienced IT recruiters and in house immigration lawyers. This convergence of expertise enables us to provide a unique integrated solution. We handle both the recruitment as well as the labour market impact assessment (“LMIA”) or the provincial nomination process without the expense and loss of time caused by having to deal with a second company.

We work with companies who are seeking top notch technology talent.  We are committed to helping clients and candidates find the right fit.  Our candidates come to Canada with the intention of settling permanently and are therefore interested in long term employment.  They are well qualified, serious and committed individuals.

International professionals introduce new ideas and approaches that can make your team more effective and efficient. Many of our candidates begin working remotely while the TECHMIND International is assisting the employer with the LMIA or provincial nomination process.

When choosing candidates we take the time to work with each individual, utilizing live programming sessions, adaptability evaluations and personality tests to determine their best fit.

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